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IJCPS JOURNAL-Vol 3, Special Issue No.2, NCRTISM, April 2014

Pages: 161-167

Structural and Optical Properties Studies of Mn+ Ion Implanted Gas

Author: Sharad Tripathi, S. K. Dubey, V. S. Upadhyay

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In this study, un-doped GaAs were uniformly implanted with 325 keV Mn+ ions

for the various fluences varying from 1x 10 15 to 2 x 1016 ions cm-2 using 1.7 MV Tandetron accelerator at IGCAR, Kalpakkam. AFM and UV-Vis-IR techniques were used for their characterization. The AFM image for non-implanted GaAs showed the smooth micrograph relative to the implanted samples and the samples implanted for the fluence of 1 x 1015 , 5 x 1015, 1 x 1016 and 2 x 10

16 ions cm -2 showed the presence of the clusters of different sizes in the range between 52 to 319 nm on the surface of GaAs. The densities of the clusters were found to increase with respect to ion fluences. UV-VIS-NIR spectra of non-implanted and samples implanted for various fluences ranging from 1 x 1015 to 2 x1016 ions cm -2 were performed in the spectral region 150 nm to 3300 nm. The values of the absorption coefficient (α) of Mn+ion implanted GaAs samples estimated from the transmission spectra were found to increase with ion fluence. The increase in absorbance with respect to ion fluence indicates the increase in defects and disorder in the ion implanted layers. The band gap energy of the samples implanted with the fluence of 1 x1015 , 5 x 1015 , 1 x 1016 and 2 x 1016 ions cm -2 estimated from the α2 versus photon energy curve were found to be 1.370, 1.332, 1.323 and 1.309 eV respectively.

Keywords: Ion Implantation, GaAs, Mn, AFM, UV