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IJCPS JOURNAL-Vol 3 Issue 5, Sep-Oct 2014

Pages: 10

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (H1 - Nmr) Spectroscopy and Imaging of Water Uptake and Distribution in Sunflower (Helianthus Annus.L.) Seeds Exposed to Magnetic Field


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Irradiation of sunflower (Helianthus annus.L.) seeds to magnetic fields (MF) have influence on physiological processes. Seeds exposed to 500 µT for 48 hrs showed an enhancement of 24% in germination on day 3. The experiments carried out show that seeds previously treated with magnetic fields have increased water uptake, which may be the reason for the enhanced percentage germination and growth rate. The physical state of water in the seeds of both control and exposed groups were examined using nuclear magnetic resonance (H1 NMR) spectroscopy & imaging during imbibitions. NMR images of water distribution and proton transverse relaxation time (T2) were recorded during the first 15 hrs of imbibitions. NMR images reveal that hydration during this period is a multistage process. Higher concentration of water in the radical of treated seeds revealed that water penetration into the seed is more in treated seeds which must have contributed to faster germination and growth.

Keywords: magnetic field(MF), Imbibition, NMR images, Sunflower seeds, proton transverse relaxation time.

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