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IJCPS JOURNAL-Vol 1, Issue 1, Sep-oct 2012

Pages: 01-05

Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activities of N-(7-Substitutedthio Carbamidoquinoline-4-Yl)-N, N-Diethyl-Pentane-1, 4-Diamine

Author: A.K.Wanjari, D.A.Pund .K.Bhagwatkar, G.G.Jadhav,

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Thioamido, quinilineo, benzamido and benzoido group containing heterocycles

created their own identity and importance inpharmaceutical, medicinal,agricultural anddrug sciences. Thioamido and benzamido heterocyclic compounds showed noticeable andremarkable applications in industrial, pharmaceutical, medicinal and drug chemistry.Hence taking all these facts into considerationit was though interesting to synthesize N-(7-substitutedthiocarbamidoquinoline-4-yl )-N, N- diethyl-pentane-1,4-diamines byinteracting N-(7-chloroquinoline-4-yl)-N,N-diethyl-pentane-1,4-diamine with variousthiourea in isopropanol medium .The justification and identification of the structure ofthese newly synthesized compounds had beenestablished on the basis of chemical characterization, elemental analysis and through spectral data The antimicrobial activities of this compounds were screenedagainst E. coli, S. typhi, S. abony, P.aeruginosa, B. subtilis, A. niger, and C. albicons pathogens which are hither to unknown.

Keywords: Substitutedthiocarbamides, N-(7-substitutedthiocarbamidoquinoline-4-yl)-, N-diethyl-pentane-1, , 4-diamine and isopropanol