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IJCPS JOURNAL-Vol 3, Special Issue no. 3 NCETNN, December-2014

Pages: 123-130

Structural, Morphological and Optical Study of Strontium Iodate Crystals Grown in Silica Gel

Author: NANDRE S. J.1, SHITOLE S. J.2 and AHIRE R. R.3

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In the present investigation crystals of strontium iodate [Sr (IO3)2] were grown by a simple gel technique using single diffusion method. The optimum growth conditions were established by varying various parameters such as pH of gel solution, gel concentration, gel setting time, concentration of reactants etc. Gel was prepared by mixing sodium meta silicate (Na2SiO3, 9H2O), glacial acetic acid (CH3COOH) and

supernatant strontium chloride (SrCl2) at pH value 4.4 and transferred in glass tube of

diameter 2.5cm and 25cm in length, and kept it for the setting. After gel setting, it was

left for aging. After aging of 12 days duration the second supernatant potassium Iodate

(KIO3) of 1M concentration was poured over the set gel. Then it was kept undisturbed.

After 72 hours of pouring the second supernatant, nucleation growth was observed

below the interface of gel. Good quality, transparent crystals were grown. These

grown crystals were characterized by XRD, EDAX, SEM and PL.

Keywords: Gel grown Strontium Iodate crystal, XRD, EDAX, SEM, PL.

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